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Our Menu


All breakfasts served with 2 free range eggs, tomato and 2 slices of toast

English breakfast £7.25
2 sausages, 2 bacon, mushrooms, baked beans
Smoked salmon, avocado £6.75
Bacon £5.75
Mushrooms, spinach, baked beans, avocado £6.45
Eggs and tomato £4.25

How do you have yours: poached, scrambled or fried
Bread: white or brown, gluten free bread or rye bread

3 free range eggs, toast, dressed mixed salad

Plain £6.25
Mushroom, onion £6.65
Spinach, tomato £6.75
Cheese,ham £7.25

Eggs Benedict £7.30
Muffin, grilled ham, hollandaise, parmesan

Eggs Royale £7.90
Muffin, smoked salmon, hollandaise, parmesan

Eggs Florentine £7.20
Muffin, spinach, hollandaise, parmesan

Bacon sandwich£4.20
Bacon and egg sandwich£4.50
Blt with mayo£4.50
Sausage sandwich£4.20

Porridge with honey, banana £3.35
Granola with honey, banana, sultanas made with milk or yogurt£3.90
Muesli with honey, banana, sultanas made with milk or yogurt £3.90

2 toasts£2.30
served with butter, jam, marmalade, marmite or peanut butter
add 75p for gluten free bread

Pancakes £4.80

Served with strawberries, bananas, blueberries and maple syrup

Kids menu

Scrambled, fried or poached egg on toast £2.20
Beans and toast £2.20
Sausage on toast £2.50
Cheese and ham on toast £2.35
Porridge with honey £2.30


freshly frozen fruits £3.90

Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit
Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry
Banana, Blueberry, Raspberry
Carrot, Kiwi, Ginger
Melon, Strawberry, Mango


Club sandwich roasted chicken breast, bacon, fried egg,
lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mayo and toasts

The ladies£6.25
The gentleman£8.45

Bagel or Rye Bread

Smoked salmon with cream cheese and sundried tomato£4.95
Ham with cream cheese, chives and sundried tomato£4.75
Roasted veggies, avocado, rocket£4.75


Served with home made dressing and greens,
cucumber, tomato and red onion

Cous cous with pita bread and houmous £7.25
Smoked salmon, avocado £7.75
Mozzarella, rocket, avocado, pesto £5.45
Feta cheese, olives £7.45
Tuna, olives £7.45
Roasted chicken breast, mayo and leek, toasted ciabatta £8.25

Baked Potatoes

Served with cheese and dressed salad

Coleslaw or baked beans £5.75
Tuna, mayo and spring onion £6.25
Grilled ham £6.25
Roasted chicken breast, leek and mayo £6.75
Roasted veggies, avocado £6.25

Soup of the day £4.50

Dairy free and served with toast

Toasted sandwiches

on granary bread served with dressed side salad

Mozzarella, tomato, avocado, pesto £4.75
Goat’s cheese, roasted veggies £4.60
Cheese, tomato, red onion £4.10
Cheese, ham £4.35
Chicken, tomato, mayo £4.80
Tuna melt with spring onion and tomato £4.50
Ham, mozzarella, tomato £4.80
French brie with mango or red onion chutney £4.40

any of above in Panini+ £1.00